This deep pore cleansing gel is formulated to:
• Dissolves oil on contact
• Removes dead surface skin cells which cause clogged pores
• Keeps pores clean by deep cleansing
• Removes makeup and SPF
• Skin feels clean and comfortable without feeling tight or dry



For oily and mild acne prone skin types:
• Removes oil and dirt
• Dissolves makeup and SPF
• Helps smooth dry and rough skin types
• Visibly improves congested skin types within minutes and continues to improve within hours
• Skin will feel healthy and clean. Does not contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfates or synthetic fragrance. Dissolves oil on contact. Paraben-Free

This exclusive rich cleanser is designed to dissolve makeup, oil and impurities on contact. Leaves the skin noticeably soft and supple. A perfect choice for a massage cleanser. Skin feels ultra clean and comfortable, never tight or dry. DO NOT USE IF YOUR SKIN IS SENSITIVE TO ESSENTIAL OILS, PLANT EXTRACTS AND FRAGRANCES.


This hydrating cleanser soothes, hydrates and protects from moisture loss.
• Removes dirt and debris
• Dissolves makeup and SPF
• Cleanses dead surface skin cells leaves your skin feeling clean, hydrated, refreshed and protects from moisture loss.